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The Bermuda Cricket Board (BCB) is a Bermuda registered charity which has been certified to the highest international standards of best practice by the Bermuda National Standards Committee as a charity operating at internationally recognized standards of best practice.

The BCB was established in 1938 and incorporated by Private Act in 1995. The BCB has been an Associate member of the International Cricket Council (ICC) since 1966.

As the National Governing Body of cricket in Bermuda, the BCB governs and regulates cricket on the island, improves infrastructure and facilities and aids in club development. The BCB formulates the regulations and rules governing cricket in Bermuda in accordance with ICC guidelines.

The BCB has a comprehensive Development Programme, which encompasses improving domestic and national cricket with a strong focus on youth development. In addition, the BCB has a Scholarship Programme, which enables young local cricketers to further their education in academic institutions abroad with excellent cricket programs.

The Youth Development Program of the BCB remains one of the BBC’s biggest priorities.

The game of cricket teaches players about sportsmanship and focuses them on the importance of etiquette and fair-play. Players learn that the game of cricket demands a level of respect for authority, to respect themselves as individuals, and to have respect for their teammates. Making important decisions, learning how to focus and to concentrate under pressure are all core skills learned by playing the game and are crucial skills to help children integrate successfully into society as a whole.

Our youth programs service a crucial age-group as many of these young players are making the transition into adulthood at a time in their lives when it is extremely beneficial to be enrolled in one of our cricket programs and to be surrounded with good role models and peer leaders. The Summer Clinic unites players from clubs and schools across the island in which they build strong relationships in training and playing together from an early age, breaking down barriers from a territorial perspective, making it less likely for them to develop relationships in gangs in their local areas.

Through cricket, the BCB programs keep young boys and girls active and involved in a sport that they love and on the right path to a successful future. Sport positively influences all aspects of our community and provides individuals with health benefits, self-confidence, leadership, and lifestyle skills. We are confident that cricket unites communities and individuals together across divisions of race, culture, and gender.


The first recorded cricket match played in Bermuda was on August 30, 1844. The Bermuda Cricket Club was formed a year later in 1845 and a number of international matches were played, however it was not until post World War II that the popularity of cricket strengthened. It was at this time, in 1948 that the Somers Isles Cricket League amalgamated with the Bermuda Cricket Club to form the Bermuda Cricket Board of Control, which became the current Bermuda Cricket Board (BCB) in 2003. Bermuda became an Associate member of the ICC in 1966.