FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – [Thursday, November 5, 2020] The Executive of the Bermuda Cricket Board (BCB) are pleased to announce an agreement with The Western Counties Cricket Association (WCCA) and Evening Cricket League (ECL).

The purpose of this Memorandum of Understanding between the BCB, the WCCA and ECL is to set forth an agreement for the exchange of information and where mutually beneficial, the collaboration on initiatives, including: cricket programs, match regulations, best practices, scheduling and public relations.

Moreover, to identify and agree the roles and responsibilities of each party as they relate to their common aim of promoting cricket in Bermuda generally, and in the Counties in particular.

President of the Bermuda Cricket Board, Lloyd Smith said: “As I came on as President, I understood that we had a lack of communication between the association, county groups, as well as the Evening Cricket League, so one of my goals were to have an agreement with all the other entities of cricket.”

Ms. Teresa Burrows, WCCA President added: “On behalf of the executive & members of the WCCA I would like to say thank you to my executive and the BCB to get this MOU completed. We started back in 2019 and we are pleased to be able to sign off on this agreement.”

Mr. Terence Corday, ECL Director added: “On behalf of President Marc Wetherhill, the executive & member teams of the ECL, I would like to express our sincerest appreciation to the BCB for having invited us to become part of this historic partnership. The ECL plays an important role by providing recreational but competitive fun cricket for former BCB alumni and aspiring U19 National Academy players. Via this MOU, we can ensure that both entities continue to foster our mutually beneficial relationships.”

Executive Director Cal Blankendal added: “The cooperation between all three organizations will lead to more efficiency, unity and sharing of best practices and human resources for the greater good of the game in cricket in Bermuda.”

Through this MOU, the BCB, WCCA and ECL express their wish to develop and structure their respective organizations to work together, with cricket as a vehicle towards the shared objective:

“To be committed to excellence in the playing and development of cricket, both on and off the field.”