While players of the United States celebrated an unprecedented run among cricket’s giants and Canada’s consider progress made toward gaining legitimacy, Bermuda’s best are just spectators at the ongoing ICC Men’s T20 World Cup.

The island’s chance to rise above the ranks of minnows on to the game’s grandest stage was ended by Canada last October in a winner-takes-all match, but some of Bermuda’s leading players have taken the chance to watch the event, some holding on to their bitterness with others hopeful of future prosperity.

Bermuda captain Delray Rawlins is in the camp of those chomping for another opportunity in the future.

“I let it go right after the game that we lost,” said Rawlins, who went to Florida to attend the Canada versus India match.

“There’s nothing you can do about it and that’s how cricket and life works. You can’t dwell over things like that but look forward to the next opportunity.

“Both of those teams have done well in the World Cup. Hopefully the next time we can put together a team that can top Canada and give ourselves a chance to get a first T20 berth.”

Like Rawlins, Terryn Fray is among those who took the latest version of the World Cup as inspiration for Bermuda.

“First of all I’m thankful and proud at how well Canada and the United States did at the World Cup,” Fray said.

“They had an amazing World Cup and hat off to both of them for what they have been able to achieve and how they are boosting the region.

“It does hurt a bit when you see the success they’re having and know that it could have been us, but things happen for a reason and everything that has happened was meant to be. It’s just the way it is.

“There is no ill will or bad feelings towards those teams or amongst ourselves. It’s a pleasure to watch them have success and help to earn respect for our region.”

Fray is hopeful that Bermuda Cricket Board will attempt to improve standards as it administers the Island’s national pastime.

“Hopefully those in charge of administering local cricket are taking notes and have a contingency plan going forward for us to be able to imitate what those countries have done,” Fray said

“They [BCB] have to do better just as the players must so that we can improve our standard and compete better.

“Disappointments happen and I’m thankful at having had the opportunity to compete but all of us have to fully commit to doing what’s needed to improve our position.”

According to BCB president Lloyd Smith, Bermuda is at a distinct disadvantage against Associate countries featuring non-native players, with the US in particular benefiting from foreign imports.

The US World Cup squad featured players from India, Pakistan, New Zealand, South Africa and the Caribbean, with an Australian coach joining just weeks ahead of the tournament, while Canada’s team is dominated by players originally from Asia and the West Indies.

With cricket developing in North America, the affording of fast-tracked citizenship has been deemed necessary by those overseeing the sport.

“There are so many different factors that come into play regarding Bermuda being able to compete at that level at this time,” said Smith.

“If you look at Canada or the United States, not one of those players are born Canadian or American, while our concept here is to play all Bermudians.

“There are so many different factors contributing to the US and Canada’s success at this time and none are due to development or growth, but due to their being able to contract or bring in players to play for them.

“Two of the United States players, up until six months ago, were living in India and now they’re playing for the US, having received citizenship within three months. We can’t do that here in Bermuda.”

BCB executive director Cal Blankendal, like Fray and Rawlins, was generally positive in his assessment regarding the Island’s fellow associate members.

“With the BCB being a member of the ICC Americas region, I am very proud to see both Cricket Canada and USA Cricket in the T20 World Cup,” said Blankendal.

“Their performances thus far have shown that the Americas region can participate in a World Cup with respectable performances.

“Of course, it is still bitter-sweet as we (Bermuda) were within an earshot of qualifying. I look forward to the next qualifying campaign and congratulate USA Cricket on having secured their participation in the ICC T20 Men’s World Cup of 2026.”