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The BCB camps unite players from clubs across the island, allowing them to build strong relationships during training and by playing together from an early age. The programmes break down barriers from a territorial perspective, making it less likely for players to develop relationships in gangs in their local areas and participate in antisocial behavior.

Through cricket the BCB programmes keep young boys and girls active and involved in a sport that they love and on the right path to a successful future. Sport positively influences all aspects of our community and provides individuals with health benefits, self-confidence, leadership and lifestyle skills. We are confident that cricket unites communities and individuals together across divisions of race, culture and gender.

The Bermuda Cricket Board announced that Chubb has agreed to continue its sponsorship of the BCB’s 2020 Easter “Action Cricket Camp” that is taking place over five days from March 30 to April 3.

The aim of the Easter Camp is to enhance player’s cricket and social skills in a safe, enjoyable and positive environment.

Under the operation of BCB 1st Vice President and Youth Development Committee Chairman, Arnold Manders and Camp Director, Kellie Smith, the camp provides positive fitness practices through cricket and high-quality cricket coaching in the areas of skill development and knowledge of the game.

The camp incorporates the spirit of cricket in all activities and focuses on a different life-skill each day, such as respect and teamwork.

Chubb’s sponsorship of the program will allow 30 children access to the camp for a subsidized rate of $120 for the week.

Arnold Manders said: “On behalf of the Bermuda Cricket Board, I would like to sincerely thank Chubb, once again, for sponsoring our Annual Easter Camp. The camp, apart from the cricket skills, will also focus on life skills each day, developing the whole child, thus making this sponsorship even more valuable.”

“The Bermuda Cricket Board camp is an exceptional program focused on supporting youth development,” said Samantha Froud, Chief Administration Officer, Bermuda Operations. “Chubb supports BCB’s commitment to educating our youth about this terrific sport while instilling life-long skills centered on teamwork and tenacity.”

The BCB camps unite players from clubs across the island, allowing them to build strong relationships during training and by playing together from an early age.

To register or for more information about the BCB Easter Camp, email or call 292 8958.

CHUBB Easter Camp Registration Form
4 – 8 April 2022


7:45am – 3:00pm Whitney Institute
3:00pm – 5:30pm After camp care
Fees: $150 per child (after camp care $50) Sibling rate $130 per child

Online Payment HSBC 006-006-530-001

Please quote child’s name for online payments

Please Call Office for Credit/Debit Card Payments

Contact Information

*NOTE: Payment due at time of registration due to high demand

Cricket Camp Indemnity & Risk Waiver and Medical Authorization

I agree to my child’s attendance at the above mentioned camp.

In the case of emergency, I authorize the program staff, where it is impracticable to communicate with me, to arrange for my child to receive such medical or surgical treatment as may be deemed necessary. I also undertake to pay or reimburse costs which may be incurred for medical attention, ambulance transport and drugs while my child is enrolled with the program.

I understand that although the BCB and its service providers attempt to minimize risk of personal injury within practical boundaries, accidents do happen and all physical activities carry the risk of personal injury. I acknowledge that there is an inherent risk of personal injury in physical activities that will be undertaken as part of this program and I agree that my child undertakes the activities at his/her own risk.

I release and indemnify the BCB and its officers, servants, agents and service providers against all actions, suits, claims, demands, proceedings, losses, damages, compensation, costs, charges and any expenses whatsoever arising directly or indirectly out of any personal injury to my child howsoever occasioned.

I also agree any photos taken may be used in BCB promotional materials (websites, posters, etc.).

A Special Note to Parents/Guardians:

(1) All prescription drugs must be registered on this form.

(2) All prescription drugs, except those which must be kept on the camp member’s person for emergency use, must be kept and distributed by the BCB staff.

(3) Check here if there are NO special problems that the BCB staff should be aware of and no prescription drugs are required on the trip. [ ]

(4) If any medication or prescription drugs are to be taken by the camp member, list them here (Name of drug and reason):

Sunscreen Application Permission Form

As the parent/guardian of the above child, I recognize that too much exposure to UV rays may increase my child’s risk of developing skin cancer. Therefore, I give permission for the staff at:


to apply a sunscreen product that is broad spectrum with SPF 30 or higher to my child every 2 hours as specified below, when he/she will be playing outside, especially during the months of April through November and between the daily time of 10am – 4pm. I understand that sunscreen may be applied to exposed skin, including but not limited to the face (except eyelids), tops of ears, nose, bare shoulders, arms and legs.

I have checked and initialed below all applicable information regarding use of sunscreen for my child:


on behalf of my minor child,
hereby release the Bermuda Cricket Board, and their agents, employees and/or officers and Board of Directors from any liability of personal injury, death, or property damage through my child’s participation in the BCB Summer Clinic.

I am fully aware, understand and acknowledge that my child(ren) will be will be playing cricket games at various locations around the island. I am fully aware, understand and acknowledge that my child will be accompanied by a Camp counselor but that walking to games or catching the bus to games for example has inherent risks associated with it. I knowingly assume those risks, release and covenant not to sue the Bermuda Cricket Board for any liability whatsoever resulting from my child’s participation in any part of this clinic.

The undersigned hereby agrees to indemnify and save and hold harmless the Bermuda Cricket Board from any loss, liability, damage, or cost that may occur as a result of my minor child’s participation in the clinic. The undersigned hereby assumes full responsibility for and risk of bodily injury, death, or property damage due to negligence of the Bermuda Cricket Board.

The undersigned has read and voluntarily signs the release and waiver of liability and indemnity agreement, and further agrees that no oral representations, statements, or inducement apart from the foregoing writing agreement have been made.