Bermuda Day brings forth many inspirational scenarios and tales and some transcend sport.

Terryn Fray and Stephen Outerbridge can be added to the list of those competing for a positive cause when they take to the start line on Friday in Somerset for the Bermuda Half-Marathon Derby.

Fray, the Bailey’s Bay cricket captain and recent leader of Hamilton Hurricanes’ succesful capture of the inaugural Bermuda Smash Invitational, and Outerbridge, Bay club president and co-founder of the BSI, are to trade in their whites for running gear in an effort to raise money to offset the medical expenses of former Bay and Bermuda all-rounder Noel Gibbons.

Persons able to support are asked to place $20 bets on which of the pair they believe will cross the Court Street finish line first, with those picking correctly eligible for a free drink at Bailey’s Bay Cricket Club.

Likewise, picks and donations can be submitted to the bartender during opening hours, from which bettors will receive a ticket signifying their choice.

“All those who place money on me will be eligible for a free drink because there’s no way Terryn’s going to beat me,” said a confident Outerbridge just days ahead of the race.

“This is all to benefit Noel, so hopefully we get a good turn-out. Noel hasn’t been well and hasn’t been able to work for more than a year now.

“I think many know of his struggles and it’s Bermuda. We want to support him and I think it’s a really good gesture.”

Many might view Outerbridge, a former Bay and Somerset Cup Match star, who many might view as past his prime and in semi-retirement from high level sports competition.

On the other hand Fray is an active, two-sport athlete who plays football for North Village and is expected to be named this year’s Cup Match captain for champions Somerset.

He views his club comrade as stepping stone as he endeavours to focus more on his running and fitness.

“It’ something fun, something challenging and I’m looking forward to it,” said Fray, dismissing Outerbridge’s rhetoric.

“Running has always been a side passion of mine. I haven’t taken it seriously because of all the other sports I play, but just for my own personal health and a challenge, now that I have the time I want to take it.

“My first challenge is Stephen Outerbridge, which won’t be much, but it’s for a good cause.”

For his part Gibbons, when spoken to at the hospital expressed gratitude towards both men and those of his club, where he was on team selection and management committees before falling sick.

“I’m honoured that they would think of me in such high regard,” said Gibbons, also a former World XI team regular.

“Bailey’s Bay is my club and I’m thankful for the support as I look to get better.”