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Coaching Education Program

Coaching cricket is about sharing knowledge and experience, making sport fun, and helping players to reach their potential. Cricket is in need of enthusiastic coaches who are prepared to stay in the game and progress to the higher levels as the players do. The challenge of teaching players individual skills and team strategies, fundamental values and enjoyment of the game are tasks crucial to the continued growth and development of cricket in Bermuda.

Schools and clubs should encourage teachers, parents and volunteer supporters to become involved in coaching. To do this they need to recognize and support the efforts of their coaches and give them every opportunity to attend appropriate coach education courses. This will ensure that they are qualified to confidently and effectively deliver a high quality coaching program to all players.

Whether coaches are volunteers or professional, novice or elite, Bermuda Cricket acknowledges the critical role coaches’ play at all levels. To assist coaches’ progress, the Bermuda Cricket Board will offer coaches a progression of training opportunities and resources to improve their practical skills/knowledge, increase their confidence and enhance their status as coaches.

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