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  5. Cleveland County edge Western Stars in thrilling finish

The Bermuda Cricket Umpires Association (BCUA)

Non-profit organization constituted in 1961 by Bermuda Umpires that is the governing body for Cricket Umpires in Bermuda.  We provide a single voice for our members to interact with the Bermuda Cricket Board, the International Cricket Council (ICC) and other various Cricketing organisations in Bermuda, including the Central, Western, and Eastern Counties Cricket Associations, the Evening Cricket League, the individual Cup Match Clubs and the remaining sports Clubs that play cricket in Bermuda.  Our members provide Umpiring services to all of these bodies and additionally internationally to various overseas tournaments and matches.  We assist these local bodies with running their cricket and also in developing the various competition regulations. We provide training for local umpires and sometimes overseas umpires when our members are attending overseas tournaments.

The BCUA is also a full member of the West Indies Cricket Umpires Association (WICUA) and liaise with them for umpiring matters within the region and also the examinations for our local umpires to get their full WICUA badges. We also coordinate Umpire assignments for all matches, billing and fee collection.