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ICC Development

ICC Training and Education Programme

ICC Training and Education courses aim to grow the game of cricket around the world, driving the development of aspiring cricket coaches, umpires, scorers and more.

The ICC Foundation Certificate is the first programme made available by the ICC, providing an entry point into formal coaching qualifications. The course is structured into six modules, delivered entirely online and self-paced.

Courses are delivered by EdApp, a fully-mobile platform which uses micro-learning methods to offer an engaging environment to enhance your learning journey, supporting your training and development in short, sharp bursts so you can learn whenever and wherever you are in the world.

ICC Foundation Certificate

The first step for aspiring coaches is to undertake the ICC Coaching Foundation Certificate – a course which equips participants with the knowledge necessary to support qualified coaches deliver fun-first experiences for new and beginner participants.

The course doesn’t require any prior knowledge of the game, and introduces learners to the basic fundamentals of cricket, and what it takes to facilitate cricket sessions.

The ICC Coaching Foundation Certificate is entirely self-paced, meaning it can be done as fast or as slow as the learner wants, and is delivered entirely online.

Six modules make up the ICC Foundation Certificate:

  • The Game,
  • Safety & Inclusion, 
  • The Participants, 
  • The Coach, 
  • Effective Training Sessions
  • Game Day

Assessments are available at the end of each module, and require the aspiring coach to hit the pass mark of 75% before progressing to the next module. Once all six modules and assessments have been completed, a certificate of completion will be issued.

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ICC Coaching Course Level 1

This course equips participants with the technical knowledge required to deliver cricket sessions to new and beginner participants.

In order to study this course, participants will need to have successfully passed the ICC Coaching Foundation Certificate.

The ICC Coaching Course Level 1 is split into three components, and is delivered through online and in-person learning:

  • Online learning (three modules)
  • Face-to-face practical assessment

Once these have been completed successfully, participants will be accredited as an ICC-certified coach and a certificate will be issued.

CRIIIO Cricket Programme

The ICC criiio cricket programme is an easy-to-deliver 8-week lesson plan which will introduce the fundamentals of batting, bowling and fielding as well as the basic rules of the game. It provides a fun first experience of cricket to participants new to the game.

The criiio cricket programme has been developed by leading educational and cricket experts with the main purpose of getting people active. It can be used by schools, clubs, communities and individuals. It is based on a number of key principles:

• A Fun First Experience for someone new to cricket
• An adaptable resource that you can adapt to suit your group (age, ability, space, time)
• A programme which is Facilitated not coached

Download the Curriculum in one of 12 languages here.

The ICC has created a number of videos to help you deliver the criiio cricket programme if you are a coach, teacher or volunteer. The facilitator training videos can be found here.

ICC Curator Pitch Foundation Course

This course is designed to give an in-depth introduction to the fundamental knowledge required to support qualified pitch curators.

This course is delivered entirely online, and is structed to include the following elements that are key to understanding preparation and maintenance techniques for cricket pitches:

  • Pitch Preparation and Maintenance Guidelines
  • Renovation Techniques
  • Soil, Watering and Moisture Loss
  • Drainage
  • Rolling
  • ICC Tournament Requirements

To find out whether the ICC Pitch Curator Foundation Course will be available to you contact the BCB at