FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – [Thursday, September 1, 2022] In the Summer of 2022, the Bermuda Cricket Board hosted Cheyenne Tavares an upcoming senior, attending Bermuda High School for Girls.

Here she discusses her experience as a first-time BCB intern:

“A lot of students tend to take up work or internships during the summer before their final year of high school and I have had the pleasure of doing an internship with the Bermuda Cricket Board.

I started my internship at the start of August this year in hopes of gaining further insight and experience around sport management, as that is what I wish to study in the future.

While my internship is ending, I can honestly say how much of a joy it was working with those at BCB and how much I learned about the many aspects of the industry.

It took me a while to come across sports management. I’ve always had a passion for sports and business is my favorite subject in school, so I thought ‘is there an opportunity to combine the two’. I came across sport management and quickly dived into it with this internship at Bermuda Cricket Board. It was really interesting to see the theory I’ve learned in class in a real-life setting, as well as learning things outside of the standard curriculum.

Some tasks that I have done include, but are not limited to:

  • Attending and assisting National team planning sessions with the Senior Men’s Coach, Niraj Odera, from India
  • Completing a marketing review of all BCB’s social media platforms
  • Reviewing BCB’s official website from a young woman’s perspective
  • Assisting with filling out financial government grant applications
  • Organizing a program forecasting scheduling 6 months prior to planning
  • Meeting with ICC on event management to host a tournament in 9-12 months in advance, if successful
  • Meeting with the Chairman of the Fund Development Committee, Paul Ross

I worked closely with Calvin Blankendal, Bermuda Cricket Board’s executive director, who personally oversaw my internship, Rajan Simons (BCB’s Marketing and Fund Development Manager) and Samantha Robinson (BCB’s Administrative Assistant). They were patient, and encouraging, and their collaboration is what really made me enjoy the work at BCB.

A significant moment for me was going to my first cricket match outside of Cup Match and meeting the sponsors of Athene. It was cool to first watch the game but also see what work I did to help organize the day in action.

I can say with confidence that this experience has pushed me forward to continue growing in the world of sports management. I noticed that there are a lot more women present than my previous assumptions and I found this very empowering, as it is a male-dominated field.

Despite that, I highly encourage those interested in sports and sports management, especially girls, to do an internship with Bermuda Cricket Board. You learn life skills, in addition to industry knowledge, and have a blast doing it.

Thank you, Bermuda Cricket Board, for the amazing opportunity! It is definitely one to remember.”